We have dreamt up a surprising selection of wine and food pairings for you, as well as other gastronomic delights. A choice of our finest local and regional products. Top-quality, locally sourced ingredients transformed into delectable dishes by the region’s inspired chefs. Seasonal menus that we reimagine regularly to satisfy even the most discerning palates.

Cocktail menus - Finger food is the latest fashion!

If you are looking for casual dining at its most fun and informal, without giving up on the signature quality of our cuisine, a cocktail menu is the perfect option.

Besides being a great opportunity to taste a wide variety of dishes, cocktail-style dining creates a welcoming, social atmosphere where guests can mingle freely since there is no assigned seating.

Cocktail menus are always a good option, but especially during the warmer months when events can be held outside and guests can make the most of our facilities and the extraordinary winegrowing landscape around us. Finger food is the latest fashion!

For more information, please contact us without obligation. We would be delighted to tell you about what we can offer you or your company.

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12–150 people. Check availability for smaller or larger groups. Wine included.


Join us for a relaxed and fun-filled activity that lets you discover one of our culinary cornerstones: the paella. After participating in the enjoyable process of making the dish, you get to savor the fruits of your labor!

Appetizers: olives, fuet, assorted cheeses, escalivada veggies and anchovies on toast.

Season: All year

(Not available in September)

  • Seafood paella: shrimp, langoustine, mussels, cuttlefish, sofrito, and fish broth.
  • Black rice: sofrito, cuttlefish, squid ink, and fish broth.
  • Veggie and cod fish paella: seasonal vegetables, cod, sofrito, and fish broth.

Season: from November 15 to April 15

  • Artichoke and calçot paella: artichokes, calçots (the classic Catalan scallion), sofrito, and vegetable broth. *Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Season: from October 1 to November 15

  • Mushroom paella: 3 types of fresh seasonal mushrooms, sofrito, and vegetable broth.

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Group size: 12 to 30 people. Check availability for smaller or bigger groups.

All activities can be complemented with snacks

Gourmet small bites

  • Manzanilla-style olives
  • Longaniza bonbons
  • Artisan cheese
  • Savory biscuits filled with fine herbs
  • Artisan breadsticks

Catalan Brunch

  • Rustic black olive bread
  • Assorted charcuterie: Serrano ham, Moja-style Catalana sausage, Guardiola-style butifarra, Penedès pâté
  • Cheese centerpiece with quince
  • Country-style potato omelet
  • Croissant with tuna, lettuce and tomato

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5 -40
Check availability for smaller or larger groups
1 hour