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When Jean Leon saw his dream of an eponymous winery come true in 1963, he might not have realized that his way of understanding life and wine would be so groundbreaking.

We make sure his vision lives on and his legacy prevails. This provides the foundation for the winery’s high quality standards, which emphasize the expressivity of our wines and forego large-scale production in favor of carefully crafted limited editions. They are the work of a generation of

winemakers who follow in the footsteps of the masterful Jaume Rovira, Jean Leon’s closest collaborator who pioneered innovative techniques that revolutionized winegrowing in the region.

He introduced barrel fermented white wines, the production of magnificent Cabernet Sauvignon varietal wines when the grape was still new here, and the identification of the finest and oldest vines, which went on to grace the first Single Vineyard Wines of the Penedès appellation.





Single Vineyard Wines express their singular nature by meeting certain criteria that define them as such. They originate in specific enclaves with soil and microclimatic characteristics that set them apart from other vineyards in the area. They are the bottled expression of a terroir that makes them unique.
Four Jean Leon wines are Single Vineyard Wine certified. The winery is the first in Penedès and the second in Catalonia to qualify for this classification, the highest distinction a wine can obtain in Catalonia.

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Organic wine is neither fad nor dogma, but an official certification with a set of rigorous criteria that a wine must meet to comply with regulations. All of our wines have been certified organic since 2012, although we introduced organic farming in our vineyards as early as 2008. This means we do not use systemic insecticides, inorganic or synthetic fertilizers, industrial insecticides or weed killers. Instead we work with natural organic fertilizers and techniques like pheromone traps or the Bordeaux mixture to control pests. By doing so, we maintain the biological rhythm of the grapevine and achieve naturally balanced vineyards. In terms of winemaking, we ferment with indigenous yeasts and clarify our wines with natural fining agents.

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