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What’s the Profile of a Spanish Wine Tourist?

Enoturismo en españa - perfil del enoturista español

They’re over 46 and don’t have a huge amount of wine knowledge. This is a quick way to sum up the profile of Spanish wine tourists according to the latest report from the Spanish Association of Wine Cities (ACEVIN) about the demand for wine tourism in Spain in 2018.

The study also highlights that this kind of tourist is more likely to be female (55.3%), although this is only slightly higher than the figure for men (44.7%). Given such a small disparity, you can say that this is something that’s more or less balanced between both sexes.

At first glance, it may seem that we’re talking about an older profile, aged between 46 and 65, but if we take the most recent studies into account and compare them, it’s interesting to note that younger adults are increasingly interested in wine and the world around it. In the period analyzed in the latest study, adults between 36 and 45 represent 28.8% of the total, which is slightly higher than the figure from the previous period (27.2%). If we lower the age range, we see that the 26-35-year-old band gets smaller (21.8% vs. 27.2%), although the youngest age group grew more than 2% compared to the last study.

Goal: attracting millennials

These figures make it clear that, little by little, the world of wine is stirring the interest of the youngest age group analyzed, the so-called millennials. This is a profile that looks for the best and at the best price. They like to innovate and try new experiences, which they will pass on to their friends straight after (whether the experience was positive or negative).

Wine creates curiosity

Going back to the ACEVIN study, we see that the vast majority of wine tourists are not very knowledgeable about the industry (46.4%). This confirms something we mentioned in the last paragraph: these are profiles looking for new experiences, who are interested in the industry and who consider themselves amateurs. We also find a profile that considers themselves beginners (21.7%) and who are looking to approach wine culture in a fun way. Just 19.3% of those surveyed consider themselves connoisseurs or enthusiasts. This profile is interested in the more cultural and even educational perspective, since they are normally looking to expand their wine knowledge and discover new varieties and terroirs. The last profile, with just 5.8% of the total, is industry professionals.

At Jean Leon, we’re interested in learning about industry trends and getting to know all the profiles. That’s why we offer a broad range of wine tourism options that fits the needs of all visitors: Young people, older people, children. Everyone is welcome to visit our winery. If you’d like to find out about all of our activities, don’t hesitate to contact us.