Vinya La Scala Cabernet Sauvignon Gran Reserva

Much more than a great story

Vinya La Scala Cabernet Sauvignon Gran Reserva is the winery’s most cherished wine. It is the bottled essence of Jean Leon’s dreams and the terroir where he chose to make them a reality.

It comes from a small eight-hectare parcel which is home to Cabernet Sauvignon vines planted in 1963. Every day we pour time, effort, and care into maintaining this special vineyard to preserve the legacy of our founder and produce an exceptional wine unlike any other.

We’d like you to meet the process and the people behind the making of Vinya La Scala, the team whose tireless efforts keep the legacy of Jean Leon alive: unique wines of exceptional quality that offer the highest expression of their terroir of origin.


Pruning is the first step in making a good wine. The care of the vineyard will determine the grape production and the wine quality. Pruning is an artisanal process in which the winegrowers are in charge of designing and choosing how each of the vines will be formed and grow. The life of a wine always begins on the ground.

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The harvest is the most exciting period of the year. They are frenetic, intense and stimulating days, with nerves on edge to find out how the harvest is going to be, and if everything will go according to plan. Once the grape is harvested… The adventure begins!

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When the grapes enter the cellar and we fill the barrels, the longest and most careful process begins. At the winery there are no clocks. Time stops, patience and calm are the protagonists. To guarantee the maximum quality of the wine, we must carefully and delicately follow its evolution. Only the time and the perseverance can provide the necessary complexity to our iconic wine.

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At the time of making the coupage, the know-how and the palate of the winemakers are the true protagonists. While tasting, the winemakers decide on the perfect balance point for Vinya La Scala, imagining how the wine will evolve in the bottle over the years.

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Labeling is the end of a huge team effort. It is our cover letter, how we show ourselves to the world and how we want to be perceived. Each bottle must reach each customer impeccably and without any defects.

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