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5 ways to surprise your dad this Father’s Day

día del padre

Father’s Day is celebrated every March 19, coinciding with the St. Joseph celebration, and it becomes a perfect day to honor and thank for what we do not do on our day to day. Although this year the restrictions may prevent us from celebrating this day as we would like to, from Jean Leon we want to suggest some ideas of different plans to celebrate this occasion in the best way possible.

Despite the circumstances, this is a time when we can try to be closer to and more united with each other than ever – no matter the distance – and when we should take the opportunity to celebrate everything that generates us or that it can generate excitement and joy in others.

On this Father’s Day, restrictions are still present in our daily lives and they may prevent us from celebrating it as we would like: taking a trip or dining in a restaurant, for example. But for this reason, we want to propose 5 ideas to enjoy Father’s Day and to surprise your dad anyway. If you do it with enthusiasm and affection, he will surely love it!

1. A DIY gift

DIY had its golden age some years ago as social media – especially YouTube and Pinterest – began spreading into our lives. Now, many people have turned to this activity.

From a frame with pictures to an improvised keychain with initials using a Scrabble tile, or why not personalize a T-shirt or a mug that’s already lying around the house? Need some inspiration? Go online! You’ll be amazed to find out all of the things you can make by hand at home and that will make this Father’s Day just as special.

Father's Day

2. Cooking together

You can also take the opportunity to spend time with your father and prepare a dinner with him. Hitting the kitchen is a great way to do a fun activity together.

First of all because cooking is relaxing and second because the reward is that afterward, you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Surprise your dad, prepare a menu based on his favorite dishes, and then get to work!

While you cook, why don’t you take a glass of a Jean Leon wine? Surely your father loves this courtesy and enjoys it a lot!

Father's Day

3. A cultural gift

One of the sectors that is having a harder time during the pandemic is the cultural sector. In addition, if the situation we are experiencing has taught us something, it is to take advantage of our time with our loved ones.

Thus, taking advantage of the fact that theaters and cinemas are still open, you can give your father a ticket to enjoy a movie or a play with him.

Father's Day

4. Wine for special occasions

When you bought that wine and set it aside with the excuse of saving it for a special occasion, you probably never thought that occasion would be during a pandemic.

But the current situation means we have to be resilient and remember that exceptional situations call for exceptional measures. Cracking open that bottle and celebrating Father’s Day with a special wine seems like a great example to us. Besides, we’re convinced that it will be a day you won’t forget.

Don’t have any bottles stashed away? Don’t worry. If the restrictions do not allow you to go to your usual wine store, you can always get your bottle of Jean Leon from our online store.

Father's Day

Take advantage of the spring arrival

If the restrictions allow it and you can visit the Jean Leon wineries, why don’t you celebrate this day by doing a bit of wine tourism? In addition, spring is already around the corner, so the good weather will allow you to enjoy our outdoor activities while having a glass of wine on the terrace surrounded by our vineyards.

Get to know the fascinating experiences we have prepared for you!

Father's Day

After seeing all these plans that we propose to celebrate Father’s Day, surely you have already wanted to start preparing surprises for your father. If you want to celebrate it with a glass of good wine, do not hesitate to visit our website, you will discover the special discounts that we have prepared for you!