JEAN LEON, S.L.U. (hereinafter JEAN LEON or the Company) is a Spanish corporation, domiciled at Chateau Leon, s/n, 08775 Torrelavit (Barcelona) with tax code (CIF) B-08271454, entered in the Company Register of Barcelona.

The purpose of our Cookie Policy is to inform you, clearly and completely, about how the cookies used on our website work and what they are for. For more information on cookies, you can send an email to .


A cookie is a file which is downloaded onto your terminal/device (computer or mobile) in order to store data which may be updated and retrieved by the entity responsible for installing them. Our website uses cookies in order to be able to gather information on its operation and use by users.


Cookies can gather information on your visits to our website, the frequency and duration of these visits, the pages viewed and the time you have spent on our website.

We can use cookies for the following purposes:

– Detect problems to improve our website

– Help you browse our website

– Improve your user experience

– Differentiate you from other users

In addition, we also ask for your consent to use cookies that help us obtain more information regarding your preferences and to customise our website so that it corresponds more closely with your interests.

Types of cookies

Our website uses first and third-party cookies, for different purposes. Specifically:

First-party cookies

Sent to your computer and managed exclusively by us to help the website work better. These cookies remain in your browser, helping us to identify you as a repeated user of the website and to customise your content to offer you content that is more in line with your preferences.

Third-party cookies

Third-party cookies are established by a domain other than our website. We cannot access the data stored in cookies from other websites when you browse such websites, as in the case of social media or videos hosted on third-party websites.

(Third-party) Analytical cookies

We use Google Analytics, a website analysis tool by Google that provides us with information on how users interact with our website. It also enables cookies on the domain of the site where the user is located and uses them to gather information anonymously and to produce website trend reports without identifying individual users. You can find out more about Google Analytics cookies and how they work at the following website:

Cookies used by the website

Technical cookies

Technical cookies are essential for the website to operate, such as managing authentication or maintaining a session by a user registered with the website. Disabling these cookies may stop the website from working properly.

Social media cookies

Specific buttons have been included to help users share website content on different social media. These buttons may involve the social media site they are related to installing cookies which, as they are not under the Company’s control, could have the purpose of managing the start of the user session on the social media site or showing the counter for how many times specific content has been shared on each social media site. We recommend that users regularly check the privacy policies and cookie policies of each social media site and, if applicable, change the privacy settings for each one to limit the tracking that can be carried out and adjust these settings to their own interests.

Advertising cookies

These help to efficiently manage advertising spaces incorporated within the website or application used to provide the service. It helps to adapt advertising content to make this relevant for the user and avoid showing adverts the user has already seen.


By browsing and continuing on our website, you consent to the aforementioned cookies being used under the conditions contained in this Cookie Policy.

We inform you that, as cookies are not necessary to use our website, you can block or disable them via your browser settings. If you block or disable them, you can continue using our website although the use of some of the services may be limited and therefore your experience on our website may be less satisfactory.

If you wish to withdraw your informed consent regarding our cookie policy, you must erase cookies from your device via your internet browser settings. The following are links for the different browsers with information on cookies:

We recommend checking this policy every time you access our website to ensure you are properly informed about possible changes to this policy.