Wine label design: the key to success

It’s no secret that currently, with the vast number of wineries in existence and the large number of products on the market available to choose from, the design of wine labels and packaging has become hugely important. Attracting customers and motivating the purchase is the primary goal of all wineries, and these elements play a …

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What’s the profile of a Spanish wine consumer?

Male, over 35, and with an average income level. This is the standard wine consumer profile in Spain, according to a study from EAE School of Business that analyzes wine consumer types at international, national, and regional level. Beyond the headline and purely sociodemographic and socioeconomic profiles, there are lots of interesting aspects related to …

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Tell us what you’re eating and we’ll tell you which wine to choose


As the saying goes, “Every man to his taste.” This is also something that applies to pairing wine and food since there are no hard and fast rules about what should be combined together. That said, it’s also true that some flavors go together better than others and, if you start combining things willy-nilly, you …

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Six things you can find out about a wine, just from the label


Much has been said about food labels recently and potential changes in labeling. It’s a topic that got people talking because almost all of us are in the habit of looking at the number of calories, ingredients, and other nutritional information that’s included on nearly every product we eat. Something we’re not as familiar with, …

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Movies and wine: a lasting relationship

A few months ago, we put together a list of TV shows that revolved around wine. Classic shows and modern shows set in or around the world of wine. Iconic regions like Napa Valley, real stories about the world’s best sommeliers, or the infamous life of Rudy Kurniawan, one of the wine world’s best-known imposters. …

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How many bottle sizes are there?

We’re used to seeing and drinking the same size of wine bottle. The 75 cl (750 ml) version. It is the most commercial and standard size, but there are others. We’re not only talking about magnum (1.5 L) bottles, but other lesser-known sizes which we’ll explain in detail below. Why is the 75 cl bottle …

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Five Essential Accessories for Wine Lovers

The world of wine is much more than just wine itself; there’s also a wide variety of accessories and tools that are sure to be on the radar of any wine lover. Since some are more useful than others, in today’s post we’ll reveal which are our five must-haves. Corkscrew This is, obviously, something completely …

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What Does 2019 Have in Store for Us?


Another year has passed and once again we’ve got some new trends for the year that’s just begun: We already know that Pantone 16-1546 will be the color of the year. Smart speakers will mean that we’ll never be alone again. And “micro-influencers” will be the ones setting the trends from now on. What about …

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What’s the Profile of a Spanish Wine Tourist?

Enoturismo en españa - perfil del enoturista español

They’re over 46 and don’t have a huge amount of wine knowledge. This is a quick way to sum up the profile of Spanish wine tourists according to the latest report from the Spanish Association of Wine Cities (ACEVIN) about the demand for wine tourism in Spain in 2018. The study also highlights that this …

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What are the best wine and food pairings for the holiday season?

Maridaje vino y comida

The Christmas festivities are upon us, and you’re probably debating whether to prepare a traditional meal or break with convention and go for something a little different. Like every year, at Jean Leon we’ve put together several ideas, and whatever choice you make, these excellent wines will brighten your meal and surprise your guests. Let’s …

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