How many bottle sizes are there?

We’re used to seeing and drinking the same size of wine bottle. The 75 cl (750 ml) version. It is the most commercial and standard size, but there are others. We’re not only talking about magnum (1.5 L) bottles, but other lesser-known sizes which we’ll explain in detail below. Why is the 75 cl bottle …

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Five Essential Accessories for Wine Lovers

The world of wine is much more than just wine itself; there’s also a wide variety of accessories and tools that are sure to be on the radar of any wine lover. Since some are more useful than others, in today’s post we’ll reveal which are our five must-haves. Corkscrew This is, obviously, something completely …

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What Does 2019 Have in Store for Us?


Another year has passed and once again we’ve got some new trends for the year that’s just begun: We already know that Pantone 16-1546 will be the color of the year. Smart speakers will mean that we’ll never be alone again. And “micro-influencers” will be the ones setting the trends from now on. What about …

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What’s the Profile of a Spanish Wine Tourist?

Enoturismo en españa - perfil del enoturista español

They’re over 46 and don’t have a huge amount of wine knowledge. This is a quick way to sum up the profile of Spanish wine tourists according to the latest report from the Spanish Association of Wine Cities (ACEVIN) about the demand for wine tourism in Spain in 2018. The study also highlights that this …

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What are the best wine and food pairings for the holiday season?

Maridaje vino y comida

The Christmas festivities are upon us, and you’re probably debating whether to prepare a traditional meal or break with convention and go for something a little different. Like every year, at Jean Leon we’ve put together several ideas, and whatever choice you make, these excellent wines will brighten your meal and surprise your guests. Let’s …

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The final layover: Penedès. Returning home

The end of the journey. The place where our story began. In a way, the Penedès region of the 21st century expresses the essential aspects of its own transformation over time: a thousand-year-old winemaking tradition, history with a capital H, heritage and landscape. It all finds tangible expression in countless architectural elements that emerged in …

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Wine Tourism as an Alternative to Sun and Sand

The holidays are coming, and pretty soon it will even be time to start thinking about Easter vacation in the spring. OK, OK, maybe that’s going a bit far, but it is true there are times when you can take a break, relax with your family, and be a tourist all year round. But what …

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Artist Josep Moscardó illustrates the new Vinya La Scala label

We were waiting for this moment. This is our most prized and iconic wine. Finally, a new Vinya La Scala Gran Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon vintage is here. The year 2012. An exceptional harvest. After all, being exceptional is a prerequisite for making Vinya La Scala. If the vintage isn’t excellent, the wine isn’t made. As …

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Layover 17: New York

The port of entry for Jean Leon’s great adventure. Tourist destination par excellence and cradle of urban cosmopolitanism: New York gives its residents access to wines from every corner of the world, but many might not be aware that their home state is the country’s second largest wine producer, right behind the wine giant, California. …

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Five Reasons to Choose an Organic Wine

Razones para elegir un vino

It’s not the first time we’ve talked about organic wines on this blog: We also did it when we discovered the differences between natural wines and biodynamic wines. At Jean Leon, we are clearly committed to organic wines; in fact, all of our wines have been organic since the 2012 vintage. So here are five …

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