“Talent is nothing without an understanding of the profession”

Ferran Adrià (Hospitalet de Llobregat, 1962) needs no introduction. Considered the world’s best chef, he decided to move away from the everyday business of running the kitchen at elBulli to focus on the elBullifoundation and continue investigating the limits of creativity. Although he no longer spends his days in the kitchen, he remains in constant …

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“In vitro fertilization and assisted reproductive technology have clearly entailed a change in family types”

Anna Veiga (Barcelona, 1956) is a biologist, researcher, and university professor specializing in assisted reproductive technology, clinical embryology, reproductive genetics, and bioethics. She was part of the team that carried out the first in vitro fertilization (IVF) in Spain. You’re the “mother” of the first Spanish test tube baby. It’s been over 30 years now… …

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“When times get tough, you have to keep believing that the idea and the project are worthwhile.”

Meinrad Spenger (Knittelfeld, 1974) is revolutionizing the telecommunications industry. He came to Spain 13 years ago, and in 2006, he founded MASMOVIL, a company that is challenging the leading carriers in the Spanish market. What is the reason for his success? Perseverance and tenacity. And something else. Who is Meinrad Spenger? I’m an Austrian who …

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“I’m happy to still be alive”

Oscar Cadiach (Tarragona, 1953) was born to climb Everest. His parents gave him the book La conquista del Everest [The Conquest of Everest] when he was nine years old. “I had to work on my reading skills to get into a high school prep course. They thought it would be a good book for me.” …

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“Architecture is what helps us feel like a society”

Carme Pinós (Barcelona, 1954) knew she would be an architect by the age of 14. What she had envisioned for her future became an indisputable reality. She sees architecture as the space where we socialize, and she doesn’t like talking about “success,” because it is one of those words that encumbers our society. She speaks …

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“The theater was the foundation of my acting career

When Belen Fabra (Tortosa, 1977) was little, she wanted to be the bionic woman, a sure sign that she has a soft spot for sci-fi. She’s a big believer in streaming platforms like Netflix or HBO and recently appeared in the YouTube Red series Origin from the creators of The Crown and Lost. She loves …

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“Honesty is a rare commodity. Here it normally comes late.”

Risto Mejide (Barcelona, 1973) needs no introduction. He’s an advertising executive and TV presenter. He founded his advertising agency Aftershare.tv at the outbreak of the financial crisis and, 10 years later, it now has around 100 employees spread between Barcelona, Madrid, and Valencia. We talk to the advertising exec Risto, the TV Risto, and the …

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The Man

Jean Leon, the man from the myth that became a legend.


Videos Jean Leon

Inspiring people

personajes inspiradores

Success is reached converting each step into a goal and every goal in one step.

— C. C. Cortez


  • Hay momentos en los que es necesario detenerse respirar y
  • Nosotros empezamos las fiestas con muy buen pie Qu planes
  • Que levanten la mano aquellos a favor de los lunes
  • Todos tenemos un lugar especial al que iramos siempre que
  • Hoy nos apetece rosado! Con un singular color rosa plido
  • Disfrutar de las pequeas cosas es lo que nos acaba
  • Vamos a exprimir el domingo hasta la ltima gota! Proponemos
  • ste es nuestro plan para dar entrada al fin de
  • Lo que hace divertida una historia son las pequeas aventuras



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Un estudio identifica diferentes tipos de consumidores de vino: el tradicional, el urbanita inquieto, el trendy, el… https://t.co/YEifobNYyo
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