B-Lounge: famous for its brunch, but that’s not all

The restaurant recommendations are back with a suggestion that’s bound to get people talking. Today, we’re presenting the dining options from Barcelona’s Hotel Barceló Raval. Known as the B-Lounge, the name itself already gives you a clue about the kind of restaurant we’re dealing with: A modern, cosmopolitan concept where you can have a good …

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Tablafina: Top-Notch Cured Meats, Preserves, and Tapas

restaurante tablafina

When you talk about Tablafina, three things must immediately spring to mind: cured meats, preserves, and tapas. That’s because these are the three items that form the basis of the culinary offering from NH Hotel Group that is being introduced in major European cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Marseilles, and Milan. Specifically, it’s is a …

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What are the best wine and food pairings for the holiday season?

Maridaje vino y comida

The Christmas festivities are upon us, and you’re probably debating whether to prepare a traditional meal or break with convention and go for something a little different. Like every year, at Jean Leon we’ve put together several ideas, and whatever choice you make, these excellent wines will brighten your meal and surprise your guests. Let’s …

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La Más Bonita: Get the Island Feel Without Leaving Valencia

Talking about La Más Bonita means talking about good food and good taste. Their three restaurants in Valencia (Patacona, Ruzafa and Chiringuito) are all more than proof of this. All three feature an island vibe, but you can really feel it at La Más Bonita Patacona, with its aesthetics reminiscent of the typical houses on …

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The Wine List Won’t Bite

What do a romantic dinner with your partner, a business lunch, and a family celebration all have in common? They all usually happen at the same place: a restaurant. While it’s sometimes easy to choose what you want to eat, it can also be difficult to decide between the different menu options when they make …

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Five Seaside Restaurants You Won’t Want to Miss

In summer, we look for the best beaches, the best hotels, the best country cottages, and the best restaurants, and TripAdvisor, Booking, and Airbnb are just some of the platforms that help us find the best option. In addition to these sites, more and more we are turning to friends, acquaintances, and online reviews for …

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El Cinco: Traditional Cuisine with an Innovative Look

This is the most personal project from chef and Barcelona native Josep Armenteros. After more than 14 years as part of Carles Gaig’s team, he decided to take the lead at El Cinco, a restaurant featuring traditional cooking with touches of innovation and haute cuisine. “We want to put a twist on recipes that are …

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Classic Italian cuisine in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

“Incredible sea views, excellent service and exceptional food. One of the best restaurants on the island, the wine and food are outstanding.” These are real comments posted on TripAdvisor by guests who ate at Maximilians restaurant in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. This cozy restaurant, which specializes in classic Italian fare, is today’s recommended restaurant …

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Terraza Martínez: Fully Committed to Both Sea and Land

Terraza Martínez, a restaurant located on one of the slopes of Montjuïc hill, just in front of Hotel Miramar, boasts amazing views over the Barcelona coastline. Its exceptional location makes it unique, special, and serves as a great introduction. The restaurant’s specialty is rice dishes. We talked to Josep Maria Masó, one of the partners, …

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A table in the garden, please

Spring might have started with snowfall, but there is no turning back now. It is here to stay. The days are longer, the sun stronger, winter coats retire to the closet and out come the between-season jackets. Hot-blooded souls might even break out the shorts. The slightly less bold might opt for summer shoes with …

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