5 ice creams to refresh your summer

Jean Leon Ice Cream

Have you ever tried a wine ice cream? Do you think wine and ice cream have flavors that complement each other, or is it an impossible combination? Well, the reason you’re reading this post is that there are in fact recipes that bring these two products together, promising to give you a sweet (and very …

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Jean Leon, from the air


Have you ever visited a vineyard… from the air? On Saturday, July 20th, a group of 15 travel, foodie, and lifestyle bloggers and influencers paid us a visit to explore Jean Leon’s vineyards firsthand and learn about the wine tourism options we offer all year round at our Visitors Center. It was a full experience …

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5 classics to read this summer


We’d like to start this post with a confession: we love summer. Why? Because it’s the best time to enjoy café terraces, to go on trips, plus the days are longer, which means we have more free time to do the things we love.  And because books are among the things we love, we need …

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What’s the profile of a Spanish wine consumer?

Male, over 35, and with an average income level. This is the standard wine consumer profile in Spain, according to a study from EAE School of Business that analyzes wine consumer types at international, national, and regional level. Beyond the headline and purely sociodemographic and socioeconomic profiles, there are lots of interesting aspects related to …

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Original Valentine’s Day Gifts with a Focus on Wine


You can’t escape it. It’s that time of year when everything – TV, social media, your e-mail, and even supermarket offers – revolves around the day devoted to lovers. Even this post is about Valentine’s Day.   Although at first it might seem like it’s a holiday that has its fair share of critics, recent …

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Can Boqueta (Sóller): leave it all up to the chef

As restaurants go, Can Boqueta is really authentic. The location alone—in Sóller’s historical town center on one of its most iconic streets—makes it special. It is a cozy traditional Mallorcan townhouse with elegant contemporary décor that preserves the original architecture of the building. A lovely quiet interior courtyard with great views of the Sóller mountains …

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“More than a biography, Jean Leon left a legend”

Mauricio Wiesenthal is a writer, winemaker, photographer… and friend of Jean Leon. We met him at La Vinoteca Torres so he could tell us about how they met, why they became friends, and the memories he has of Jean. He shows up impeccable, elegant, extremely polite, and ready to tell us everything we wanted to …

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