What’s the profile of a Spanish wine consumer?

Male, over 35, and with an average income level. This is the standard wine consumer profile in Spain, according to a study from EAE School of Business that analyzes wine consumer types at international, national, and regional level. Beyond the headline and purely sociodemographic and socioeconomic profiles, there are lots of interesting aspects related to …

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Original Valentine’s Day Gifts with a Focus on Wine


You can’t escape it. It’s that time of year when everything – TV, social media, your e-mail, and even supermarket offers – revolves around the day devoted to lovers. Even this post is about Valentine’s Day.   Although at first it might seem like it’s a holiday that has its fair share of critics, recent …

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Can Boqueta (Sóller): leave it all up to the chef

As restaurants go, Can Boqueta is really authentic. The location alone—in Sóller’s historical town center on one of its most iconic streets—makes it special. It is a cozy traditional Mallorcan townhouse with elegant contemporary décor that preserves the original architecture of the building. A lovely quiet interior courtyard with great views of the Sóller mountains …

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“More than a biography, Jean Leon left a legend”

Mauricio Wiesenthal is a writer, winemaker, photographer… and friend of Jean Leon. We met him at La Vinoteca Torres so he could tell us about how they met, why they became friends, and the memories he has of Jean. He shows up impeccable, elegant, extremely polite, and ready to tell us everything we wanted to …

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Of wine and letters

The latest novel by journalist and writer Martí Gironell is based on the life of Jean Leon, the fictionalized character (and the real person). La força d’un destí (The Power of Destiny) won the Ramon Llull 2018 prize for best novel. It is the natural continuation of a tradition that has made wine culture a …

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The Man

Jean Leon, the man from the myth that became a legend.


Videos Jean Leon

Inspiring people

personajes inspiradores

Not make decisions, it is worse than making mistakes.

— Carlos Fuentes


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  • Nosotros empezamos las fiestas con muy buen pie Qu planes
  • Que levanten la mano aquellos a favor de los lunes
  • Todos tenemos un lugar especial al que iramos siempre que
  • Hoy nos apetece rosado! Con un singular color rosa plido
  • Disfrutar de las pequeas cosas es lo que nos acaba
  • Vamos a exprimir el domingo hasta la ltima gota! Proponemos
  • ste es nuestro plan para dar entrada al fin de
  • Lo que hace divertida una historia son las pequeas aventuras



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Hay pocas personas más inspiradoras en el mundo que @ferranadria y hemos tenido el placer de entrevistarlo. ¡No os… https://t.co/z0KSxsIZWw
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Un estudio identifica diferentes tipos de consumidores de vino: el tradicional, el urbanita inquieto, el trendy, el… https://t.co/YEifobNYyo
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6 pasos para saber cómo leer una etiqueta de #vino. 😀🍷 https://t.co/Ok5bji5EfQ https://t.co/qcHOnUPAQa
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Hoy hemos estado en el Salón Peñín en el World Trade Center de #Barcelona. #vino #wine #JeanLeon https://t.co/aiRScXlUG3
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