Jean Leon has 150 hectares of land including 70 hectares for growing vines, of which 65 hectares are currently under production, divided up into different vineyards in the heart of the Penedès.
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Notes by Jean Leon's enologist

Xavier Rubires



The harvest kicked off on August 20th with the Chardonnay for our 3055 Chardonnay 2015 and ended last October 13th with the Cabernet Sauvignon for our Gran Reserva Vinya La Scala. Due to an extremely hot July, the Chardonnay ripened earlier, bringing the harvest forward. The lack of heavy rains resulted in very healthy grapes. The red varieties are exceptional thanks to good day and nighttime temperature shifts, which allowed the grapes to ripen slowly and evenly, bringing their potential to full expression. Now our work in the winery begins to make the 2015 vintage something truly unforgettable!  

Wine Harvest 2014


The harvest was characterised by the major technical endeavour undertaken to maintain the quality of the grapes and the wines produced from them. The selection was even greater than in previous years, which led to a reduction in production of an average 10%-12% with respect to the average of recent years. The growth cycle of the vines was characterised by a 2013 winter with moderate temperatures and normal rainfall followed by a dry spring. The grapes reached ripeness earlier than last year due to the fine weather conditions in the spring.



In early March, we take the Chardonnay out of the barrels to make our Vinya Gigi Chardonnay 2013. More than six months have gone by since we put the Chardonnay in barrels and it underwent alcoholic and malolactic fermentation. During these six months, we stirred the lees every 8–10 days to add more complexity to our wine. After we have created the final blend, it is time to bottle the wine!

Mating Disruption


It is time to fight the grapevine moth. How? By disrupting its mating patterns, as the name indicates. This is done by placing pheromone diffusors in our vineyards between the months of March and July. The male moths are attracted by these pheromone traps thinking they are females, which prevents them from finding a mate. It is extremely effective!

Winter 2013/2014


Spring has arrived so it is time to take stock of the 2013/2014 winter! How was it? First of all, it was dry. At Jean Leon, total rainfall from December 20, 2013 until now comes to 74.5 l/m2. This represents about half the normal average. Not one drop of rain has fallen since mid-February!

2013 Vintage


The vintage is excellent in terms of quality. The grapes reached the desired level of ripeness and were exceptionally healthy, which makes the winemaking process that much easier. In short, we're very pleased!

Climate Conditions 2013


Overall, 2013 was a wet year. Most of the rainfall occurred toward the end of March, which saw a total of over 150 l/m2. As a result, the vegetative cycle was quite rainy, in contrast to the dry ripening period during the summer. In general, temperatures at the beginning of the summer were not all that high, but October was a very warm month. There was a delay in maturation, but moderate temperatures allowed the grapes to reach optimal ripeness.