Manual harvest at the Vinya Le Havre vineyard, where our Single Vineyard Wine originates. We hand-select the best grapes to produce our Single Vineyard Wines. Hundred-year-old vineyards that give birth to our Vinya La Scala Cabernet Sauvignon Gran Reserva. Our white wines Vinya Gigi and 3055 Chardonnay ferment in new French oak barrels. Four meters below ground, our reds repose in absolute darkness and silence. Over the course of many years, our Reserva and Gran Reserva wines patiently mature in the bottle until they acquire their characteristic bouquet. The original façade of the winery, which was built in 1964, is still almost completely intact. Inside its walls, tradition exists side by side with the latest technological innovations. The grapes arrive at our winery immediately after picking so that they maintain their full freshness. Let the incredible story of Jean Leon and the high quality of his wines seduce you. Three generations of enologists, a unique way of understanding the quality of a wine.